Building the GUI

bitcoin-qt, which includes the QT GUI with the node, is built automatically when the build dependencies are met. Required packages to meet dependencies can be found in the build instructions in src/doc/build-*.md as appropriate for your platform. If you have the required packages installed but do not wish to build the bitcoin-qt then you must run ./configure with the option --with-gui=no.

If the build is configured with --enable-multiprocess then additional binaries will be built:

  1. bitcoin-node

  2. bitcoin-wallet

  3. bitcoin-gui


QT is currently very intertwined with the rest of the codebase. See the library depencency graph for more context.

Developers would ideally like to reduce these dependencies in the future.

Qt documentation

There is useful documentation for developers looking to contribute to the Qt side of the codebase found at Developer Notes for Qt Code.